Ale Senso

Ale Senso was born in Bergamo, 1977. She graduates in 2001 in Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (fine art academy) in Milan. Her artistic research mixes different medias and languages (installation art, wall painting, digital photography, performance and videos), preferring abandoned places and salvages. Senso's street art approach is very eclectic: her works are contamined by rough materials coming directly from streets (paper, cardboard), and feeding themselves with a manga aesthetics matched with synthetic and essential lines.

Apartamento - Berlin 2017 / 2018

Apartamento - Berlin 2017 / 2018
"Apartamento 2018"

"Eine leerstehende Wohnung in Berlin Mariendorf wird zu einem lebendigen Kunstort. "

er pupo cosmico - Rome 2016

er pupo cosmico Rome 2016
"MAAM museo dell'altro e dell'altrove"

edipo e la sfinge - Cosenza 2016

edipo e la sfinge

Street Art goes Museum

Bild aus der Ausstellung
"Bild aus der Ausstellung"

in bloom - Bologna 2016

Bild aus der Ausstellung
"Social Center of peace - Via del Pratello"

Nocturne - Rome 2017

Bild aus der Ausstellung
"no title"

over the world - Bergamo 2016

Bild aus der Ausstellung

The Animal - Bologna 2016

Bild aus der Ausstellung
" Via del Pratello"